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Wedding Talk Online: Good or Bad?

June 17th, 2014 • Posted by True Beauty Wellness Spa • Permalink

Our lives are forever digital now. We shout out our accomplishments online before picking up the phone to tell people our good news. While social media offers an easy way to update your friends and family about your upcoming nuptials, you might want to think twice before creating a tweet or a status update. Here are a few things you should consider:

Hurt feelings

For the older generation, this kind of news should be shared face-to-face. If that's not an option, you should call them. If you blurt your wedding news online too soon, you're bound to hurt a few feelings. Be sure to tell those closest to you before making your online announcement.

Don't offer dates

It's one thing to say you're getting married, but you shouldn't post dates online. Remember, it's not just your friends who are trolling social media pages. You don't want to let a would-be burglar know when you won't be at home. Keep the dates of your honeymoon off social media sites too.

Picture craze

Every phone has a camera on it, so if you don't want a picture of your drunk sister-in-law to end up in an online photo album, you'll want to police your social media page after the celebration is over. If you don't want pictures posted online, ask your friends to refrain from posting them.

There is a lot to think about during wedding planning. Allow us to ease the tension with a relaxing massage. You deserve it. Call and make your appointment today.

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Quick Treat for the Alligator

June 3rd, 2014 • Posted by True Beauty Wellness Spa • Permalink

Itchy dry skin can be an annoyance in the summer months. With more sun exposure and air conditioned buildings, our skin becomes dull and depleted. That soft baby skin that we dream of turns into alligator skin and we increase our lotion use to get rid of the scales. There is a quick home treatment that can help with dryness of the skin and relax you as well.

Steam Treatment

Steam treatments are a great way to lock in moisture and give your skin a more long lasting softness. The pores are opened and ready to soak in the moisture after steaming the skin. This type of treatment also increases circulation in the skin, so moisture is coming at your skin both internally and externally.

There are different ways to expose the skin to steam. Warm compresses work well for smaller areas. A hot shower is an easy way to open the pores, or even standing outside the shower with the bathroom door shut, so that the room fills with steam. For the face you can just boil water on the stove and lean over the steam with a towel over the head to contain the mist.

Applying oils after the steam bath is a last step. Using natural oils is a simple way to lock in the moisture. Coconut oil feeds your cells keeping them moisturized and healthy. Jojoba oil is another option for its humectant properties. As a humectant it draws moisture to the top layers of the skin to keep the cells moisturized from within the body. It is also a natural thin wax and seals the moisture. Hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids that help keep the skin cells healthy and glowing. The best option is a combination of the three. If too much oil is applied, let the moisture soak in for a few minutes and then wipe off excess with a dry cloth.

That alligator skin will be transformed back to soft, supple skin in just a few minutes. And you will have taken some time for yourself in the process.

We are your experts for any skin care questions and look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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Control Oily Complexion

May 15th, 2014 • Posted by True Beauty Wellness Spa • Permalink

If you're the victim of over productive sebaceous glands, then you might have oily skin. Your pores may become clogged more easily, makeup doesn't stay matte and you may even have to stop in the middle of the day to blot the access oil from your face. For those suffering from oily skin, changing just a few tasks in your skin care regimen can make a huge difference.

Choose the Right Cleanser

One of the keys to controlling oily build-up is to choose the right cleanser. Gel cleansers are preferable for oily skin as they don't leave behind the residue of a creamy cleanser. You'll also want to look for a cleanser that is gentle enough to use twice a day. If you're unsure of which cleanser is best for your oily skin, consult with us.

Resist the Temptation to Wash More Than Twice a Day

Common sense would seem to suggest that washing your face more often might help control the oily buildup, but this can result in dry and flaky skin, which is another problem all together. Resist the urge to wash more than twice a day. Instead, stick to a morning and before bed wash using the gentle gel cleansers made for oily skin.

Moisturize Anyway

Even though it might be tempting to skip the moisturizing step because skin already seems well coated, don't skip this important step, because cleansing does strip away natural oils and moisturizer can replenish the skin again. The best moisturizers for oily skin include those that are free of oils. Look for a lotion specifically formulated for oily skin.

If your skin still has a tendency to grow oily during the day, especially in the T-zone area, try blotting paper for a quick fix.

If you need a little extra help getting your skin under control, call for a free skin consultation. We'll be able to troubleshoot your current skin regimen, make suggestions and give you helpful tips to maintain healthy, beautiful skin.


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